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Anzac biscuits and roast figs

Like most Ozzy kids Anzac biscuits were an integral part of growing up. I particularly liked the overcooked (read burnt) ones that were usually found at the back of the baking tray near the oven hot spot. It must have been a textural thing, as a child I never liked soft food much. Custards and rice pudding were out as was cooked vegetables. So I did miss out on some treats, including the unctuous chewyness of the less burnt Anzac biscuits.

Recently I was cooking biscuits for work and as we have a nut allergy, egg allergy and yeast allergy to consider I was somewhat stuck. It was then I thought of the humble Anzac again. Now I’m sure there is a traditional recipe floating around my family somewhere but I couldn’t find it. So I went searching the ever-helpful BBC and found this recipe. Now I am an inveterate tinkerer so as good a recipe as it is I did play about with it. I added dark Muscavado sugar and treacle making the biscuits that much darker and richer. i particularly liked the affect of chunks of unmixed sugar melting to caramel in the oven.

Conjoined by a delightful use of brown sugar my friend H called recently to ask for a recipe for roast figs. I do get random phone a chef calls from friends which is always satisfying and amusing. Now roast figs are an other of those mushy foods which I wouldn’t have enjoyed as a child but have grown to love now. And so simple they are to cook as well, sliced in half sprinkled with some good brown sugar and butter and roasted till the desired texture is reached served with Mascarpone and vanilla is a particular favourite of mine but ice-cream would take it that little bit further to luxe ness and a couple of overcooked Anzacs would finish it of with some good textural contrast.

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