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Quick and dirty Cassoulet

It’s slow cook Sunday and I’m cooking a quick and dirty Cassoulet. Quick! not exactly slow cooking, I here you say, yes well it’s quick preparation and slow cooking over a couple of hours while I watch the Tour de France highlights. Dirty? It is not a traditional French recipe, it is my own gonzo slightly Spanish version.

So let’s get down and dirty and cooking. I started with some Chilli oil in my heavy faux Le Creuset pan from Ikea and browned off four chunky pork sausages. While they were colouring I chopped some picante chorizo, onion, garlic, potatoes and Romano peppers. They were all thrown onto the pan to sweat out. I assembled the rest of the stew and added it to the pot, dried oregano, beef stock cube, smoked paprika, a tin of butter beans and a couple of handfuls of Puy Lentils. Some hot water and its done, well after two hours slow cooking on the back burner.

In my rush I forgot the carrots oh well…I’m back to watch the Tour in the Pyrenees.

Allez Allez!

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