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Slow Cook Sunday – Smoked Haddock Risotto

You wouldn’t think it is the middle of summer with the grey drizzle that is falling outside. But it is nice weather to be cooking a hearty risotto. I’ve had some smoked Haddock in the freezer for just such a dish, so I just picked up the other ingredients I needed when I ventured out into the damp. Some fresh mint and frozen pea’s.

My approach to risotto is too first to colour the rice in a mix of hot oil and butter. Once the grains are nice and golden I add in some chopped onion to sweat. next in would be white wine and stock but I had to make do with a Knorr cube and hot water. Then in went the fish. After cooking out for a while I add the pea’s cooked out a little further then finished with chopped mint, Parmesan cheese and butter.

Time as always is the key with risotto, you just need to slowly add hot liquid little and often. So I’ve some great risotto for dinner and enough for lunch for a couple of days.


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